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How to Do Post Construction Cleaning?

May 21

How Do I Perform Post Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning involves the process of cleaning up any debris left on a post-construction site. It could be used in the preparation of painting or can be utilized to wash up after demolition. This blog will teach you how to clean up after demolitions to avoid the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

What's the significance of a post-construction clean-up?

The truth is that post-construction cleaning is vital because it can help your environment be healthy. If it is done correctly it will eliminate any dust or dirt that has accumulated in the areas where work was performed. If you would like your home's appearance to be the top, you have to understand how to achieve this.

Cleaning up after a construction site involves more than just washing up the mess. The most important thing people forget about is that post-construction cleanup involves more than just the removal of dirt and other debris. It is essential to employ experts for these tasks since there are many reasons people might think of hiring professionals for these tasks: lack of time, the knowledge required for doing the job correctly, or because they are unable to find sufficient details on how they should do it to clean their home but as well healthier by preventing mold development or other harmful substances.


It depends on the dimensions of the area being cleaned, but generally, it could be anywhere between a couple of hours or even days if not done this kind of cleaning before and don't know how to get started. This is the reason why hiring a professional can help, especially since they'll already have all of their equipment. Ask around at work too because neighbors may also know somebody who offers discounts that would save time and money as well as let you get back into your home faster without any problems arising later like insects appearing following a major event. is unexpectedly occurring. Additionally, unexpected costs appearing during these kinds of events are not expected!


It is all dependent on the task the job is, as well as how large or small your home is, and the additional charges. If it's a bigger job, then more time will probably be needed for everything to get completed and that could lead to more expensive costs since many places charge per hour-so, make sure this gets discussed beforehand with all the parties prior to beginning the process.

It would help to prepare a checklist before you start (with the appropriate equipment and materials) and then ask another person to check it off as you go in case anything is not included the issue will be noticed quickly, and those unanticipated costs could mean additional expenses for things like sanding down walls before painting, which could be costly, especially at the beginning!

How to perform your own post-construction cleaning?

Do you have the time to wash up after the construction site before your family moves into the house? It's stressful for all. If this is the case then you should be able to handle these small jobs as quickly as you can to ensure they do not distract you from more urgent tasks. There are many options to solve this issue and the answer will depend on the type of work you had done during the post-construction period. Here are some options for you if you have time and funds to spare.

  1. To swiftly clean dust and dirt, make use of an air-dry vacuum. This method is quick, easy, relatively inexpensive, and suitable for other purposes after moving into your new home. While it's not a substitute for professional cleaning, it does well in removing large pieces of dirt from the surfaces of your home. If there are still missing areas where fine particles may be settling in crevices or on baseboards, you can use some paper towels dampened with water to clean them completely. Make sure you wear gloves when doing this! All appliances must be cleaned including microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. To ensure that dust particles do not enter your home through the exterior clean out the garage.
  2. If your carpets are not recently cleaned by cleaning staff or contractors, vacuum them before you move in. Baking soda is safe and can be used to wash carpets. Although it's great to use with small children, ensure that you remove it after 15 minutes. The wetness of the vacuum can cause permanent staining of carpets with light colors as time passes. It is important to ensure that the powder doesn't get into electrical outlets. This can cause problems later on, especially during the summer months as static electricity is created quickly within homes. It is best to wear gloves while doing this as well.
  3. Utilize a squeegee clean windows or a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris or dust off the glass surfaces. Use newspapers if you don't have a cleaning cloth, but only apply light pressure to ensure that you don't scratch them! If there are screens, you can clean them by removing the cobwebs that are along the edges and then wiping the entire surface using window cleaner and dampened paper towels. Clean up any tiny areas. Spider webs and other debris can hold dirt particles and make them difficult to eliminate in the future.
  4. If your kitchen countertops or appliances aren't shiny, wipe them down with a microfiber sponge. However, you may also use ammonia-based cleaners on stainless steel since they are also non-toxic! If you have marble or granite counters, make sure the surfaces are dry, which means staining isn't an issue. This is common when wet objects like glassware come into contact with them, particularly in summer! I've witnessed this happen several times after someone moved their sofa over an area where their cat has been peeing for years and left permanent marks! Be cautious, and don't forget your gloves!
  5. Before moving, outrun your vacuum cleaner across carpeted areas again to pick up any dust that might have been missed during the first thorough clean. If you're willing to take a bit of extra effort and remove furniture from walls. This allows dirt particles to be removed along baseboards. This is especially true for floors made of hardwood, where scrapers could scratch the surface if not careful, use either dampened paper towels or rags instead, based on the kind of flooring you have. It is possible that you will require a second pair of hands based on the size and weight of your furniture.
  6. Then, lay new doormats at both entrances to catch dirt or dust that could be tracked into the home before it is spread out, especially if you live in an area where there is a lot of sand scattered around! Since most people don't have time or the energy to wash every room in the span of a few days, this can keep surfaces cleaner longer. If you are worried about the high-traffic areas make sure you invest in some vinyl floor protectors to ensure they will not be damaged by the heavy footfalls during move-out too, or prefer to leave carpets in their natural state; consider using permanent markers to record the date for later reference in case you require it.

Do it yourself or employ a post-construction clean-up service?

Depending on what level of cleanness your home requires depending on the level of cleanliness, there might not be the need to immediately hire a professional after moving to your new home or if it's already furnished. These people are able to take care of bigger objects like furniture and beds. But, it's worth checking their references. Ask around at your workplace to get recommendations. If you intend to remain in your new place for a time, your family members or friends might be able to offer discounts. It's like getting help for free when you move into a new place after returning from vacation or taking some time off. But, it's the best way to save money.

You can do this work yourself if you have the appropriate tools and equipment. It is a good idea to arrange all your belongings before you start any big or small cleaning job. This is why it could be helpful if someone assists you create an outline of what you need to do for post-construction cleaning up and then follow the directions as precisely as possible without missing any other items that could come back again soon after, like dusting window sills as these places can become dirty even in vacation time, and even when you move out of one place to the next. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service like NW Maids to handle any issues that might occur. 


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