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You Need Window Tint on Your Home…Here’s Why

Jun 20

Most people know about the many benefits to tinting a vehicle’s window. But they might not realize that there are also benefits to tinting the windows of a house.

Window tinting in residential homes can make your home more comfortable and safer, save you money on energy, and give it a more attractive appearance from the outside.

Find out why Bend, Oregon is seeing more people add window tint to their homes and buildings.

Window Tint in Homes: What are the benefits?

Your home should be an investment.

Window tint can make your home more comfortable and increase your quality of life. These top benefits can be enjoyed by you and the family all year.

  1. Lower your Home's Cooling costs

Most homeowners choose tinting their windows for the savings on cooling and heating. Traditional windows make it difficult to control temperature on hot or chilly days. This can make your home less comfortable.

residential window tint, on the other hand, can insulate your windows against heat or cold. It can block harmful ultraviolet rays, regulate temperature in your home, and make your heater/air conditioner work more efficiently.

  1. Protect Your Furniture, Family and Home

Window film for homes also offers unparalleled protection from UV rays. Window tint reduces UV rays by blocking 99%, which limits the time you spend outside.

Premium window tint solutions can protect your furnishings, wall art, and flooring from the effects of sun damage and fading.

Window tints are also great for protecting your family. Although people aren't aware of the possible damage that harmful UV rays could cause to their skin indoors (most people don’t even consider it), it is possible for your family to experience a high level of UV exposure by simply sitting in front of a glass on a sunny morning.

Window tint is an easy and affordable way to protect your home. You can be assured that your home will be protected.

  1. Reduce the Glare and Enjoy the View

The Northwest has no shortage of summer! Summer months can be extremely hot. However, Window tinting can make your home more visible to the sun's UV-rays and protect it from heat absorption.

Even worse, sun glares can block your view of outdoor areas and television screens.

Tinted windows give you the best of both the worlds: natural light can be enjoyed without any negative effects, while tinted glass allows for the maximum amount of privacy. You can enjoy the view inside your home and manage temperatures with just one solution.

  1. Security and Safety - Increased

Window tint cannot stop people from breaking into your home. But it will make it more difficult.

This additional barrier might cause the intruders to question their mission. If not, it will at minimum give you more opportunity to react and call 911.

Window tint's ability, to keep the glass in place, can also deter burglaries.

  1. Make your Home More Curb Appeal

Are you looking for ways of increasing your home’s curb appeal and its value? Window film is a small, but long-term investment that can reap big rewards.

Window film can be available in many design patterns and textures. With the ability of transforming any ordinary glass surface, you can transform it into your personal space.

Window tinting gives your home a modern, elegant look that will make your home stand out.

Window Tinting Bend Oregon - Take Advantage of Residential Tinting Savings

Window Tinting Bend Oregon’s team of tinting professionals is available to assist you in deciding which tint is right for your home. We can provide the highest quality tints and professional services.

Bend Window Film can improve your home's value, appearance, and comfort! Contact our window tint professionals for a free quote today!


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