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Window Repair Services In Brantford

Jul 18

Skilled Window Repair and Replacement Services

If you live in the Brantford area, the team at Bright Windows & Exterior has the experience to help you with your home window needs. 

Our team at Bright Windows & Exterior are fully certified and always carry the necessary equipemt to tackle your home's window repair and provide solutions that won’t involve a complete window replacement.

Any window can be re-glazed, replacing the glass sealed unit, but not the entire window itself. Regardless whether the broken window has double or triple pane sealed glass, or has a frame made of vinyl, wood or metal, we can easily replace it. 

We can perform a double pane window repair to save you from paying a full window replacement if:

  • The glass is cracked, we can replace the glass
  • The sealed unit has become foggy, or if there are deposits between the window panes, we can defog the window at a fraction of the cost of replacement, or replace the glass if necessary
  • You want to upgrade your window to a more energy efficient argon, we can replace the thermopane unit only, instead of replacing the entire window.


Below are some of the types of windows we can reapir:

Awning Windows

Typically, awning windows are used in areas of your home where high humidity is prone. Awning windows can provide good lighting and excellent ventilation. If you have any questions about awning windows, contact Bright Windows & Exterior today.


Casement Windows

Casement windows is the market leader for the most attractive and practical additions to your house. Popular in both residential and commercial buildings, casement windows are easy to clean, open outward to 90 degrees with a crank handle and offer excellent airflow.


Single Slider Windows

The single slider window is stylish, practical, and most importantly, affordable. A sliding tilt window only has one sash that operates horizontally, while the other is fixed. The moveable sash can tilt inside and make the exterior easy to clean and let fresh air circulate.


Bright Windows & Exterior offers incredible solutions for all window types. Continue reading here to find out about the different types of windows we can repair for your home. We are the one-stop shop for energy-efficient and high-quality custom windows in Brantford and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with any questions about your windows and we will be more than happy to design, build and install it for your home.


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