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5 Common Myths About Window Tint

Aug 21

Extreme temperatures can cause fluctuations in your energy bills. Your HVAC unit is constantly working overtime, whether you turn on the AC or heat the house. Were you aware that there is a way to keep the heat out during spring and summer, and heat in when autumn and winter arrive?

Window tint can help you reduce your energy bills.

By blocking harmful infrared radiation from entering your home, window tint is effective. While there are many benefits to Window Tinting, there are some myths that can stop people investing. We have debunked five common myths surrounding window tint to help spread awareness.

The 5 Myths of Window Tint

Window tint can cause damage to Low-E or dual pane glass.

False. False. Not all window films work with Low-E glass. However, there are window films specifically made for Low-E glass.

It is important to use the right type of film for each type of glass to avoid thermal stress damage. To determine the best tint for each type, our highly trained consultants use a glass compatibility table.

Low-E glass will not be helped by window tint because it already reflects infrared light.

False. False. You can almost double the effectiveness infrared energy rejection by installing the right window tint for Low-E glass.

Low-E glass allows you to apply clearer and lighter films that will help preserve visibility while also reducing the glare from sunlight.

All window tints are the same so I shouldn't worry about buying a cheaper brand.

False. It's not as simple as choosing the cheapest window tint. You must balance price, heat, visibility and glare with security and aesthetics.

Professional window tint consultants can help you achieve that balance. A professional consultant can help you make the right choice between Dual Reflective Technologies and Ceramic Nano Technologies.

What's the lesson from this myth busted? Window tint shopping is not a one-size fits all.

My window warranty will be voided if I install window tint.

True. Mostly. This myth is our only one that has any merit. However, some analysis shows it doesn't really hold up.

It is true that many glass manufacturers will not honor warranties once window tint has been installed. Good news! Good news: The warranty is usually limited to the glass and not the whole window.

You might think, "That sounds great. But I still don’t have a warranty for my glass in this situation."

We have a solution. Ask your window film consultant to see if you can extend the warranty to include the glass.

A lifetime warranty on window tints means that it is guaranteed to be high quality.

False. It all depends on the person who provides it. Window tint warranties are not provided by the manufacturer. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer to the installer.

What does this all mean for the guaranteed lifetime warranty? It could prove to be a problem for you, the customer. The installer may not be covered under the manufacturer's insurance if they are not employees. This could expose you to liability.

Competent window tint companies direct hire their installers to avoid this problem. This is how you reap the benefits. 


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