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Learn How You Can Protect Your Home with Window Film

Aug 29

Window film is a great way to protect your property. Learn more about it here.

How can you improve the value of your house? There are many things you can do to increase the value of your home. Window films are one way to increase your home's value.

Window films, when used with other window treatments, can be a valuable asset.

Window films can protect your glass in your house, office, or business. Window film for your glass panes will save you money in many ways. It will also help to keep your property looking like new.

Please continue reading to learn about window film, its benefits, and differences.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a transparent, or translucent, solution applied to the exterior of glass windows. It regulates the amount light that is transmitted through glass. NASA first developed the technology in order for astronauts to be protected from space radiation and heat.

Window films are increasingly used in many industries and for various purposes.

Window films are typically used for decorative and functional purposes. Window films can be decorative and add privacy to a space. This can be very useful when people sleep or get dressed. Functional window films are designed to protect against the harmful UV rays, glare, and heat of the sun.

Why You Need Window Tints

Window tints come in a variety of colors and are made from nontoxic materials. The material won't damage your window glasses. They are easy to install and remove. A tinted windows allows you to enjoy the outside world while keeping you safe.

Many people know what a glass film is. They are often unaware of why they are important. Here are some reasons to put window tints on your home, car, or office.

Energy Savings

Window tinting reduces heat loss through a window. This will keep your home at a constant temperature. This allows you to save money on your energy costs.


Are you afraid of having strangers look into your home and office? The window tint gives you privacy but allows natural light to shine through.

UV Protection

Window tinting is an additional way to protect your windows from harmful UV radiation. The UV rays can also cause damage to flooring and furniture as well, as fade linens and drapes.


Window tinting stops pets and children falling out through windows. Tints reduce reflections and transparency. This protects animals and birds from flying through windows, especially birds.

Weather Protection

Window tinting is a way to keep snow and rain out of your windows. Vinyl safety films can be used to protect your windows from hailstorms and strong winds. This will protect the windows of your family and employees.

Types Of Window Tints

There are two main types, dyed and metalized window films. Both are available as a variety of colors.

Dyed Films

The dye used in dyed films absorbs the light. They reduce the amount of sunlight entering your windows. This allows you to have complete privacy control in your home.

You can combine dyed films with metalized films that block the sun's UV rays and heat.

Metalized Films

Metalized films make use of metals such silver, gold, and platinum to reflect the sun’s rays. Your car stays cooler because the atmosphere is heated.

They are excellent for improving visibility, glare reduction and visibility. These films can be used in sunny areas.

Many metallic films are also scratch-resistant. These films protect your window frames from everyday wear.

There are many options for window tints. They can also be grouped based on their functionality and material.

Some are made to block UV radiation while others will keep out the infrared. There are several types of privacy film, anti-graffiti, and solar films. Each tint serves different purposes.

To make the right choices, you must be able recognize the differences.

You should be aware of the differences in window tint prices between more expensive and cheaper options when you shop for them. A simple film is the best option. Although it won't protect you from UV rays and heat, it can help with privacy.

The most expensive option is polycarbonate, which blocks 98% of the UV rays. It also features a layer containing ceramic which helps to insulate.

Window film pricing and costs

Window film pricing is always a hot topic within the industry. There is no one way to determine the cost and price of window film. Pricing is affected by factors such as the type of window, installation, and size.

Window film can be purchased in the United States at a cost of $10 per square footage for residential applications. Depending on the size of the windows, costs for commercial window tinting applications will vary.

Window film may cost as much as $50 per square footage for large office buildings. This is for interior projects only. For exterior work, an additional $10-20 will be charged. Solar film is about $30 per square ft.

Window tinting costs can vary depending on whether they are done professionally or by you.

Window films give your business a professional, cost-effective look. They enhance the appeal of your business to potential customers. They also help to save you money on your electricity bills.

A good window tint job will last seven years. The lifespan of window tints can be reduced by a few factors. Your window tints could last as little as seven years if you live near extreme weather.

Also, the material can impact the durability of window tints. Window tints of high quality are expensive, but the investment is worth it.

Window Tints - Install Today

Windows can look beautiful and be very functional. They also expose you to sunlight and air pollution. Window film can be an excellent investment in protecting your home, family, or belongings from the harsh elements.

The knowledge about window film and its benefits is enough to make the decision to avail the Window Tinting Bend Oregon convenience!

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