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How a Fresh Window Cleaning Can Liven Up Your Home When Listing it for Sale

Aug 31

If you're moving to a new city in the next year, you want to make sure your home is appealing to potential buyers. There are many tricks and tips that will increase the worth of your home, as well as increasing its asking price. We provide many of these services. We'll discuss our services in detail over several weeks.

Window washing has been part of our core service for the past 23+ years in Naples. It is something we have done for over 23 years.

Here are just some of the services we can provide for you in your home or at work:


Window Washing Naples FL -- We're very skilled at cleaning glass and windows. We can clean all types of windows, including vintage windows with panes or basic double-hung windows. Aside from basic cleaning, there are some other things you can do to windows.


Water Spot Repair - We can take off the mineral deposits from your windows if they have been sitting long enough. We use a special rubbing cream and a lot of elbow grease to make those spots disappear.


Window scraping should be done if your windows have not been cleaned in a long time. This can lead to a buildup that can become very serious over the years.


Window sealing and screen cleaning can make a big impact. The seals can become very dirty if not cleaned properly.


Cleansing Lantern Glass can make your lights sparkle, and it's really the last thing that gets cleaned.


Skylight Cleaning can be necessary as the glass is more vulnerable to the elements. It traps dirt and debris at higher levels than regular windows.


Chandelier Cleaning: Yes, they're glass too! Chandelier cleaning is something that we do every week. It gives the room that extra sparkle and shine.





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