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Window Tinting Film VS Treatments: Tips on How to Choose

Sep 18

There are many options when it comes to solar control. It really boils down to one of two options: films or treatments.

Window treatments can be used to reduce the heat and sun rays. Shades, blinds shutters curtains, drapes and any other product that can be used to treat the window area are all examples of window treatments. They do not attach to or adhere to windows. They block sunlight from entering the windows by filtering it.

Window film adheres to the windows' interior surface. The purpose of commercial window film was to block the sun from entering the building.

These are the questions to ask when deciding on which option is best.

Question 1 - What do you think of your view?

When choosing window treatments or window films, one factor you should consider is what's on the other side. Do you have a view you like? You should not be looking out of your windows at another tall building next door. If you do, then the building will block the sun.

You probably have a beautiful view from your windows. Window treatments can block or filter out sunlight and obscure your view. Window film blocks the sun's heat and UV rays from entering the building. This reduces up to 80% of solar heat. By reducing the glare, your eyes will be able to focus better and you won't have to strain or squint in order for you to see through the windows. This results in a view with ultra-high definition, just by controlling the sunlight.

Window film is the best option if you have a view.

Question #2 - What's the cost difference?

Most homeowners and business owners are concerned about cost. Although some shades are affordable, many window treatments will cost more than installing window films. Window film blocks heat from entering buildings, so you won't need to run your air conditioners as often. Window tinting films, like the ones we mentioned, can reduce solar heat by up to 80% and ultraviolet radiation by up to 99 percent. This means that less heat is entering your home and your air conditioner runs less frequently.

Window film will not only save you money on your air-conditioning bills, which are directly related to your energy bill, but it also reduces maintenance and repair costs, and prolongs the life of your air conditioner units.

Window film is a great way to save money over the long-term.

Question #3 - Are film and blinds combined the best of each?

You should consider using a combination of window films and treatments. Blinds can be used to improve privacy and cut solar heat.

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